Thomas More Campus De Nayer

Campus De Nayer is the technology campus par excellence, located in Sint-Katelijne-Waver on the Antwerp-Brussels axis. The campus has a rich tradition in technological training (Thomas More) and engineering courses (KU Leuven) with a reputation far beyond the region.

More than 230 companies come to the job fair every year to recruit final year students and to offer bachelor and master’s final year-olds.

The high-tech laboratories of vzw Product Certification Center Labo De Nayer and vzw Lascentrum are also located on campus. Because of the excellent accessibility and modern facilities, the campus is regularly used by companies and organizations for refresher courses, training days, conferences, seminars, product presentations, exams …

Jimmy Bauwens

Marc Ceuppens

Sebastien De Couvreur

Marc Jacobs

Peter Moers