Tallinna Tehnikaülikool

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), the only technological university in Estonia, is the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education. TalTech is to become one of the leading technological universities in the Baltic Sea region. By relying on academic competencies and professional management, TalTech responds actively to the needs of the rapidly developing society and is involved in tackling the challenges of the digital era. Study and teaching here is based on internationally recognized research and the graduates are highly rated on the labour market. The University’s approximately 70,000 alumni have shaped the economic landscape of present-day Estonia. TalTech offers its students exciting student and cultural life and the best accommodation and sporting opportunities in the Baltic Sea region.

The TalTech campus is also a home to more than 200 high-tech companies (e.g. Skype). With its scenic location in Mustamäe, Tallinn, TalTech is the only campus-type university in the Baltic countries and one of the most compact university campuses in Europe. TalTech University campus tour in Virtual Reality (VR) https://virtualtour.taltech.ee/en/ is available online. 
The mission of Tallinn University of Technology is to be a promoter of science, technology and innovation and a leading provider of engineering and economic education in Estonia. We value professionalism and reliability, entrepreneurship and innovation, openness and cooperativeness. Our vision is innovative Estonia in a sustainable world.

Tauno Otto

Head of Development of School of Engineering Professor in Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Program Director of Integrated Engineering international study program

Vladimir Kuts

Early Stage Researcher in Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Head of Industrial Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory

Kashif Mahmood

Early Stage Researcher in Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering