Aalborg Universitet

Founded in 1974, Aalborg University is one of the younger universities in Denmark, and distinguishes itself from other more traditional universities by providing Problem-Based Learning (PBL) – problem-centric, group- and project-based learning in real-life settings.

Starting out with 3,000 students registered during its first years, the university currently has more than 20.000 students enrolled divided between three campuses in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen, and five faculties; Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine, IT and Design, Engineering and Science.

The department of Materials and Production, the partner facility in the TEFFIC project, is part of the latter faculty. The over-arching goal of the department of Materials and Production is to meet the challenges of the value chain of the future, from basic material understanding, materials application in mechanical constructions, to industrial production and management

Central to all the research activities at the department is the application of scientific knowledge at industrial partners (applied research) that embraces some aspect of production or operations, including robotics and automation, logistics and supply chain management, flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing, and advanced technologies and capabilities. To be in the forefront of the new industry 4.0 revolution, the department with a strategy denoted “Smart Production”, a joint focus for all research centers, which focuses on digital integrative efforts within and across functional and organizational boundaries; including the integration of operations and employees across manufacturing systems (connected processes/employees), value chains (connected products), and supply chains (connected organizations).

Photo of Astrid Heidemann Lassen

Astrid Heidemann Lassen

Associate professor

Photo of Thomas Ditlev Brunø

Thomas Ditlev Brunø

Associate professor

Photo of Rikke Vestergaard Matthiesen

Rikke Vestergaard Matthiesen

Associate professor

Photo of Ann-Louise Andersen

Ann-Louise Andersen

Assistant professor

Photo of Casper Schou

Casper Schou


Photo of Jesper Hemdrup Kristensen

Jesper Hemdrup Kristensen


Photo of Henrike Engele Elisabeth Boer

Henrike Engele Elisabeth Boer