Pilot 1: Aalborg University

The dawn of Industry 4.0 has significantly affected the way companies design their manufacturing and business proposition. We are seeing shorter and shorter product innovation cycles with ever greater product variety. Conditions, which has led companies to seeking more flexible production systems able to accommodate both multiple product variants and even multiple product generations without…

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TEFFIC update at Aalborg University (AAU) – How it prepared us for the lockdown

As part of the TEFFIC project, AAU has singled out 4 pilot cases (A project-based module, and three course modules). Each module is offered once a year, meaning only two cases are active in the Spring semester. About one-third through the semester, the developing Covid-19 situation enforced a lockdown across Denmark, meaning students and staff…

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Thomas More at MindSphere World Belgium kickoff event

Thomas More campus De Nayer was proudly represented as an acedemic partner at the Mindsphere World Belgium kickoff event during the indumation fair. With the staggering rate of development of the IoT, it promises to become the driving force behind growth and productivity over the next decade. Your organization can also score better by investing…

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