Flexible Manufacturing System and Robotics Demo Center at TALTECH

In context of the TEFFIC project, Tallinn University of Technology created a pilot called ‘Digital Manufacturing’ in conjunction with Industry 4.0.

At the university, there is a demo center based lab which will be used for the pilot. The center is about Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) and robotics. In the pilot ‘Digital manufacturing’ it will be served for practical educational activities.

The aim of the demo center is to teach and facilitates the study for Industry 4.0 related technologies. The lab consists of different equipment. The students will work on a FESTO production system, better known as FESTO didactics. The didactics are based on their cyber-physical factory technology. In the lab, there is the opportunity to work with robotics as Motoman GP8 by Yaskawa and ABB industrial robots. There is also the ability to monitor of a production process through Internet of Things (IoT). Last it is possible to get acquainted with virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) solutions for industrial purpose. Through those assets the implementation of knowledge about Industry 4.0 disruptive technologies and required interdisciplinary skills will be improved. Hereby the course Digital Manufacturing contains the topics like Virtual and Augmented Reality. 3D modelling and simulation of manufacturing systems will also be taught. Last there will be given attention to machine learning through object detection and cyber security.

The content of the course in collaboration with the FMS and Robotics center will help the students to gain knowledge and enhance the competence in the field of Industry 4.0. The pilot of Digital Manufacturing Course is planned to execute in the spring semesters at TALTECH under the scope of TEFFIC project. It is an iterative process, thus, it carries out with the spirit of continuous improvement together with other European partner institutions.